Boston Baseball Camp - 1984 - 2012
Camp Hall of Fame
In 1994 the camp Hall of Fame was established to honor
campers who attended camp ten or more years.
The first inductee was Wayne Brockney who was one of the
26 original members of the Sox Exchange in 1984.
Over the years the Hall of Fame has also included campers
who have passed away after attending several camps,
as well as campers who through their special efforts have 
helped to make our camp the wonderful experience
it has become.
No one would have imagined back in 1984 that one day the
Hall of Fame would be welcoming it's 56th member.
We look forward to continuing the tradition for
many years to come.
1994  Wayne Brockney
1996  Walt Macone*, Ed Schafer
1997   Kim Fletcher, Ralph Gillette,
          Kevin Marden, Dave Mulvey
1998   Joe Saloman
1999   Scott Boyer
2000   Bill Grogan, Laura LaPalme
2001   Joe Diamond, Al Fountain*,
          Stan Lichtman, Bill Sullivan,
          John Torniero, Joel Weinstein
2002   Dale Clarke, Curt Pollitt,
          Harold Vosko
2003   Bill Donovan, Steve Durkin,
          Mark Hauglie, Bill Hofmann
2004   Tony Basile, Lee Gregory,
          Ed McGuire, Curt Sampson,
          Rob Watkins
2005  Peter Logan, Tom McManus,
          Mike Owens, C.J. Patti
2006   Dennis Crowley, Chris Glynn,
          Larry Marino, Gary Mona
2007   Mike Cooksey, Bob Kowalk*,
          Dana Rickard
2008   Barton Carter, Lisa Courcy,
         John Crowe*, Marty Kawadler,
          Janet Miller, Lane Perrins
2009   Marty Lavely, Bob Pinault
2010   Jack Dunn, Jeff LaDue,
          Gary Perkins, Al Venditti
2011   Steve Bigora
2012   Dean Riley, Tobi Whitney,
          Scott Willis
* Deceased
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